Raster to Vector Conversion Software - WiseImage

WiseImage for Windows is the new generation of 2D standalone, raster to vector conversion software with raster editing and drawing revision features. WiseImage allows you to make fast changes do editing and correction or automatic and semi-automatic raster-to-vector conversion of technical drawings, scanned maps, plans, drafts, sketches and other graphics. WiseImage is acquainted for its greater editing and cleanup tools outside the CAD surroundings. It combines raster and vector with CAD functionality and image processing skills effortlessly, everything in single cost-cutting software.


Why WiseImage

WiseImage is the solution for everybody who focuses not only on the new design but also on restoration, updating and drawing revision. This makes WiseImage a one-stop-solution for a wide range of applications ® GIS, cadastral, aerial and satellite image processing, architecture, engineering, schematics to mention but a few. The comparison chart highlights the major features of WiseImage which helps you to know that WiseImage is a better CAD than your favorite CAD.

Raster editing

Large format scanners produce superior black and white, greyscale, or color raster images. To excellently transfer scanned drawings to CAD and do the raster editing, well-organized post-processing software is needed; the ultimate solution is WiseImage for this. With WiseImage image clean-up, correction, calibration, bit-depth reduction and raster to vector conversion eliminate monotonous and time-consuming manual processes.

Hybrid editing

WiseImage offers the cutting-edge solution for hybrid editing, raster, vector and raster to vector conversion on raster images. With the great suite of tools of WiseImage you can edit scanned drawings and maps effortlessly. WiseImage save reworking time and boost up your efficiency all without having to reduce the quality or price of your work . Therefore, in WiseImage you can preserve raster data and vector data in one file.

Easy Raster to Vector Conversion

As a raster to vector conversion software; WiseImage easily converts scanned drawings to CAD files, one at a time or in batch mode - even instantaneously. Conversion after refinement of the template parameters with the built-in preview allows for very accurate results. Therefore, Templates can be named, saved and called as requisite. The result of a vectorization will cover vector graphics and text.

Additional Plugins (OCR) API custom tools

The Text recognition in WiseImage became stronger owing to ABBYY Fine Reader OCR engine upgrade up to 10.0 versions. This free raster to vector conversion software operates with this OCR engine through OCR Professional dialog which is offered from the Convert menu > Fine OCR. Use OCR Professional dialog to recognize complete raster as text, image part as text or extract and identify text from graphic with Fine Reader OCR.



WiseImage is a set of premium raster tools to process scanned drawings, satellite imagery, or other raster graphics. And the crossroad of raster and vector graphics is the WiseImage capabilities to work with raster and vectors together as if it is a single entity set. So Let us check the exciting features which WiseImage for Windows includes


Automatic R2V and V2R Conversion

It features automatic raster to vector conversion of scanned drawings to CAD files, in batch mode. The conversion after modification of the template factors with the built-in preview allows for very detailed results. The result of a vectorization will consist of vector graphics and text. OCR is offered by the world leading Fine Reader OCR Engine 10.0.

The ultimate image and vector processing tool

WiseImage has a comprehensive set of modification tools for the auto-correction of vectors obtained as a result of a raster to vector conversion, like merging a set of vectors to an object of a certain type (e.g. some segments to an arc or circle), trimming, extending and so on

The Ultimate image and vector processing tool

Open Architecture with COM Interface

The COM interface with built-in script editor opens fresh horizons for 3rd-party developers. There are no other CAD application with raster processing and R2V functionality proposing an open programming interface.

Open Architecture with COM interface

Intelligent Raster Objects and Tracing

WiseImage offers numerous innovative options for working with free raster to vector software. One such option is the exclusive technology to choose raster objects and separates them into layers. This attribute is built on the intelligent selections and the smart Wise Object (hatches, text, and lines) selection.
WiseImage has a progressive tracing purpose (semi-automatic ® interactive raster to vector conversion) for color, greyscale or monochrome images. In addition to stress-free detailed objects tracing in WiseImage, it is probable to trace raster shapes that relate with vector templates. Pick a raster shape and WiseImage will automatically match it to the appropriate vector object from a default Symbol Library or a customized library formed to match user necessities. The polyline tracing feature covers auto-detection of tracing direction.

Intelligent Raster Objects and Tracing

WiseImage for CAD and GIS Users

WiseImage is completely featured with all the typical 2D CAD tools. It has innovative Viewports, Layouts and Layers support. Its vector drawing and editing skills are comparable with any industry-standard 2D CAD package. Vector objects (Text, Dimensions) have associated classes similar to example: AutoCAD. WiseImage can read and write the popular CAD and GIS formats. WiseImage propose the flattest and most well-organized path from paper to your CAD or GIS application!

WiseImage for CAD and GIS Users

Print Image

In this best vector graphics software the print command allows to print image or images according to user requirement. The images those are put into workspace, will be set in line for print, user can add/remove images from the list for printing.

Print Image with WiseImage

New advanced PDF engine (new)

Vector PDF import/insert- Additional PDF engine has been added which enhanced the WiseImage 18. Any PDF file (Source CAD) can be opened using this additional engine which will be converted to CAD. All text objects will be converted in single line text object. User can choose the multipage or single page PDF.

Vector PDF import

High Quality Image Processing With Precision

Exact calibration is important when processing scanned drawings. WiseImage delivers multiple options for selecting the most appropriate manner, importing coordinate values or assigning point positions manually. High quality transformation algorithms deliver very accurate results.
Full color images are huge so it is vital to minimize image file sizes.R2V software can do this deprived of any loss of information. Colored areas can be combined according to color resemblances or by mentioning to their delivery regularities. With the help of this technology the number of colors in an image can be compact from millions to tens. In this free raster to vector software it is possible to crop, scale, change resolution, and calibrate color and greyscale of raster images. It is possible to adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation and fine-tune the color gamut, recover image quality and apply color filters. Users can effortlessly manage the colors of the image and create/edit LUT documents. It is stress-free to edit, construct or add info onto these images, even rasterizing vectors to generate ISO compliant raster files as often requisite for compliancy purposes. Merging monochrome and color images is also a one-click job.

High Quality Image Processing With Precision

CSoft provides two choices for raster editing and raster to vector conversion. One of them – WiseImage for Windows and another one is the WiseImage for AutoCAD( an application running inside AutoCAD) The best raster editing software.


Success Stories


Customer :

Handel Street Upholsterers pty.Ltd


Customer was required to duplicate pattern cut outs for the purpose of car interior customisation.


The CAD operator received the individual pattern pieces which had been removed from the vehicle. These pattern pieces could be leather, cloth or vinyl. They then traced these on to cardboard to create firm templates. The templates are scanned and using Wiseimage PRO auto-trace command; with settings for outline recognition they trace the template into a CAD format. The vectorised templates are then placed to fit economically onto a pelt of leather. The CAD system then sends the drawing to the cutter which cuts the pattern ready for stitching.

This has been a simple method for the operator to use in order to save their company many manual man hours of working with flimsy materials. Furthermore, they now have a library of various car seats from which they can now simply extract from their existing library. Initially they felt the investment was rather pricey but have definitely seen the benefit after years of using the software, especially in the quick turnaround that they can provide customisation now. They now also do repairs of panels to match existing interior.


Customer :

Beredskab Fyn


They must have adapted scanned drawings with regard to fire preparedness and updated escape routes.


They get scanned drawings from a subcontractor, and then update these drawings, and subsequently published the sketches where people can see them. The corrections made must be extreme accurate, why they chose WiseImage.


Customer :

From Norway


The customer has 11 licenses of WiseImage they use these licenses two different ways.
• The customer needs to clean scanned images.
• They also need to process and convert from raster TIF to DWG.


• We use WiseImage for Windows for electronic cleaning of scanned drawings. Removal of spots and clearing of damages that often are on the paper drawings that have been scanned.
• WiseImage for AutoCAD to process raster drawings in the background of AutoCAD drawings. We call these hybrid file and they are kept at both TIF and DWG.


Customer :

From Denmark


Emergency Fyn must correct scanned drawings, so that they correspond to reality. These are contingency plans where you have to view how escape routes are available, and since it's escape routes in case of fire, the drawings must be very accurate, and therefore chose WiseImage


They receive scanned drawings from their subcontractor, and edit the drawing from the instructions they receive from the subcontractor and the records they themselves perform on the spot.