Document & drawing archieving software - EDA

EDA is a web based document archiving solution. Enterprises can store their digital documents in EDA and free themselves from the clutter. EDA archives documents and also manages revisions of documents. EDA is built with security in mind, so each document can be accessed only with proper authentication.
EDA contains its very own HTML5 viewer which supports CAD files like .DWG, .DXF or .DGN, documents such as .PDF files, scanned images, digital photos or any kind of imagery and more. EDA uses Departments, Projects, Tags, Filters and Views to simplify document management. EDA has strong features such as Revisions, File Relations and multi-user, multi-role support to facilitate document management in todays distributed environment. It utilizes a hybrid drawing database approach, effectively working with documents and associated data.
EDA is taking the Initiative to go Green; helps you make your business go paperless.

What's new in EDA 2020

  • Added Localization. EDA is available in any language now.

    Contact us to convert EDA to your preferred language

  • Includes latest version of CSPanorama

    You can now see multipage vector pdf, latest version of AutoCAD files

  • Enhanced revision management - added Check-in Check-out and file locking mechanism

    only one user can edit a document at a time. this removes conflicts and saves precious time to merge different changes by different users.

  • Major performance improvements